Let’s Get to Know More About the Faculty of Biotechnology!

Faculty of Biotechnology, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia shared what we’re all about with the public at the Indonesia International Education and Training Expo on February 22nd to 25th, 2018. Some of our students interacted with visitors, who were mainly high school students, to chat about what they can learn about in the Biology and Food Technology departments.

Let’s take a peek of some of the interesting things we explore in FTb!

All of the characteristics and appearances of a human being, starting from head to toe, are determined by our DNA. The Human Genome Project aims to decipher the mystery of all DNAs in human. This project was initiated in 1990 and was completed within 13 years. To learn about about the project and how it might be useful, students from the Biology department invited visitors to solve a quiz in which they were required identify who among three possibilities was the biological child of a couple. They were given the genetic information, represented by some patterns, that belong to the father, the mother, and the alleged children. Through this quiz, visitors would see that genetic information (genotype) is more accurate than physical properties or others visible appearances (phenotype).

Fun activity to learn more about the Human Genome Project

In this exhibition, students from the Food Technology department demonstrated a technique to encapsulate food or medical ingredients with calcium alginate. This technique has widely been used in the food industries to increase the durability of food during processing and preservation.

Have you ever tried the color-changing “magic” lemonade? The secret really in butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea) extract. Pigments produced by this plant will react with acid and therefore undergo color change. That’s why the originally blue butterfly pea extract will turn purple upon the addition of lemon juice.

Let’s learn more about food processing and how to make “magic” lemonade!

Are craving for more biotechnology stuff? The Faculty of Biotechnology opened its doors to everyone during Atma Jaya Open House event on May 21st, 2018. All visitors had the opportunity to interact with the faculty members, students and staff of the Faculty of Biotechnology, as well as explored the relatively new BSD Campus to check out all of the facilities available for students during their study.

There were plenty of fun activities! Participants got to see how normally unseen bacteria around us are actually colorful, and they may even be genetically modified to fluoresce like a jellyfish! A variety of our plant tissue culture collections were also showcased. Due to the  interactions among all visitors and our FTb family members, the ambience of the event felt welcoming and relaxed. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Open House greatly. Some of the visitors even came up with a new business idea!



A glimpse of our Open House

Did you miss these events? Worry not, we always have plenty of cool events lined up, including the Food and Fungi Festival on this May 12th, 2018. Come on over to the garden area of BSD Campus, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia to try out various innovative food product made by our students. For more update on our future events, please follow our Instagram at biotechatmajaya. See you at the BSD Campus!


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